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Could you imagine your carrier without a backup? When you wish for a little inspire, when you lost in the forest of the new materials and can’t find your way out…or wish for some fun, that’s when we will be there for you. Numerous stirring nail videos which compare the materials and guide you to the right use, dizzying nail arts, sharp games, fresh nail pictures, easy to find excellent salons, simple but brilliant webshop and a gorgeous forum where you can meet interesting, and friendly fellow professionalists. Our page goes by with full of possibilities, opportunities and never ending new tasks. Find your way with us.

Stolen moments with Nails TV!

Do you feel left behind at the courses or want to see every step of the educator, maybe want to see something unexpected? Look behind the records of the stolen moments, and we will show you how to put on properly the forms, how to do it right the manicure, the hand care, what is the secrets behind the sculpted nails, which design what requires, which, when and how to use the nail supplies, materials, what the differences between them, and what’s the current and what will be the future fashion trends and events. New acrylic and gel nails with the newest materials and designs with all shapes. Stole the moments with us!